Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walking! and other Gus-related news

I promised a video of little Gus walking, but I must warn you, it is not great quality. Our camera doesn't take very good videos, and has no microphone, so there is no sound. (Maybe I have an item to put on my Christmas list, no?) HOWEVER, Gus himself is pretty darn cute in the video, so that should make up for the poor production quality. Just think of it as an artsy, independent movie. That gives it lots of street cred, I think :)

The stats: Gus took his first steps 2 days before he turned 9 months old. Within about 2 weeks, he was able to take 10 or more steps at a time, and now, at 10.5 months, he has mostly done away with crawling. Which is a bit sad (not only because my baby is growing up so fast!) because crawling is actually super cute. He still crawls to climb up things, e.g. the stairs, the furniture, his Pa. It is amazing how quickly they master new skills, though!

In other news--Gus made his first sign yesterday!  Be still my heart, it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Of course, his first sign was milk, as he loves him some nursing. He hasn't figured out how to use the sign to actually ask for it yet (still uses the old stand-by of pulling down my shirt. Thanks, kiddo), but he does the sign while he is actually nursing. There have been times before where I thought maybe he was doing some signs, but this one was definite, no ambiguity. Now that he has started to sign, I better get back into signing regularly. After months of signing with no response from Gus, I have gotten a little bit lax and only do a few words regularly. I am trying to remember all the signs I learned again and re-incorporate them into my daily conversation.

Also, Gus's new favourite thing is to watch Jon do push-ups. He thinks it is pretty much the funniest thing ever. I think Jon is now doing them nightly just to get Gus to laugh. Related to that, Gus likes to ride on our backs and shoulders (he tries to climb on Jon's back during the push-ups--making Pa work a bit harder!). And he has started dancing to music. Which isn't related, but is new.


  1. So cute! He is getting so big! I love the funny things that delight little ones. It's just so fun! :)