Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes (volume 2)

My parents have come and gone, now.  It was so nice to have them here, and they said they enjoyed it, even though most of the time we were sleeping or just sitting around doing nothing.  Well, there was a lot of cuddling the baby, as well!  

Gus and I have had 3 days on our own, now.  We're doing pretty well, I think. Although it is a relief when Jon gets home each day.  The main problem I seem to have is that I love to hold Gus while he sleeps, but just about the time I am ready to put him down to do something around the house or take a nap, he is ready to wake up. I need to figure out how to put him down during the day!  I did try putting him in the sling one day in order to make my lunch.  It worked quite well, but mostly I don't think about it until he is already asleep and I don't want to wake him.

We haven't really left the house since Monday, and I am getting a bit of cabin fever.  It doesn't help that a) we don't get out of bed till about 11 each day, b) it gets dark at 4, or c) it has been snowing and/or below freezing all week.  I was planning on going to the store this afternoon, but decided I should nap instead. I might go and meet Jon at the busstop when he comes home, even if bundling up the two of us is a lot of work for a 10 minute outing.

Also because of the snow, we have cancelled two appointments at the US Embassy to register Gus's birth and apply for his passport. This is really getting quite annoying, since we want to go to the US soon. But the trains in the UK are not very reliable in the snow, and we do not want to get stuck on one with Gus, or stuck in London with trains stopped for the day.  One train got stuck overnight the other night in between two stations and wouldn't let the passengers off for 9 hours! It was not on our line, but still not a good sign.  We have rescheduled for Tuesday--pray the weather is good by then!

Today was the first day on our own that I have been able to take a shower before Jon got home. I put Gus in his bouncy chair in the doorway of the bathroom and sang to him while I showered. It worked pretty well; he seemed pretty content throughout. Then an hour later he spit up all over me and my hair smells like milk. 

Gus is still the sweetest thing ever. I expected him to have some sort of schedule--probably not one that matched with mine, but a similar sort of pattern most days. Nothing like that so far; I feel the days are pretty unpredictable in terms of when he will be awake or when he will be fussy, etc.  He must take after me in that respect, because Jon loves to have a schedule for each day--I bet he has eaten lunch at 12 everyday since he was born!

Gus generally isn't a fussy baby, but he does have periods many days when he gets a bit agitated. When he gets really riled up, he will want to nurse, but be too anxious to latch on, even when he is all in position.  Then he will start making these funny snorting sounds--Jon calls him our little truffle snorting piglet. It is quite pathetic, but it always makes me laugh--good to lighten the mood a bit when both baby and mommy are getting a bit anxious!

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  1. I love the snorting noises infants make. I'm glad to hear everything is going well!