Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sick day

Not for me or Gus, thankfully, but Jon has been sick since Monday.  He went to work Monday feeling fine and came home at lunchtime with the flu.  I am so grateful that I got my vaccine when I was pregnant, because so far I feel 100% (knock on wood!) and Gus seems well.

As bad as I feel for Jon, with his fever, aches and pains, and--the worst of it all--not being able to give Gus any kisses or cuddles, I am also selfish and am beginning to feel a bit sorry for myself. Parenting is tiring work, and I didn't realize just how much I depend on Jon in order to refuel and get some time for myself (even if it is usually spent doing the dishes and cooking dinner!). I have basically been the sole caregiver since Sunday night, besides a couple of diaper changes before Jon left for work on Monday, and, after 48 hours, I am ready for a break! Every time I put Gus down to nap this afternoon and early evening, he would wake up. Jon would try and sing to him from across the room, but Gus would have none of it. So I would pick him up again. Thankfully, I have our Moby wrap and was able to get dinner ready while wearing the wee guy.  But I have done every diaper change, all the playtime, and, like always, all the feeding for two days straight. I am not saying this to complain--I think Jon has the short end of the stick,  overall. But I do hope that life is back to normal soon!  I really don't know how single parents (or temporarily single parents, due to business trips, deployments, etc) do it. Just one more reason to count my blessings!

Of course, in a few days' time, I will be complaining that I am not getting enough time with Gus, as the family will be hogging him over Christmas, I am sure.  I'll look back wistfully on today, when I had little Gussy all to myself :)

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