Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick Takes (volume 8)

We fired up the grill for the first time this spring on Wednesday. Yummy! We had burgers / marinated portabella mushrooms on homemade rolls, skewers of zucchini, onion, and orange pepper, and potato salad made with potatoes, watercress, spinach and rocket mix, feta cheese, spring onions, a few almonds and some dill. It was definitely a winner. 

I also tried making my own yoghurt this week. It turned out pretty good. We have a yoghurt maker, and I followed the instructions here. It is just plain, so I need to see about add-ins to jazz it up a bit. But it really made the kitchen stink when I was making it--did not expect that!

So, I don't think I am a bad mother, but I do wonder if I am missing something re laundry. All the other moms go on about how much extra laundry there is with a baby, but that doesn't seem to be true for us. Usually I have to throw Gus's stuff in with some of ours because I need an item of his before there is a full load ready.  Of course, I may have been known to just throw a towel on the bed when his diaper leaks rather than changing the sheets. Two nights in a row. But guess who was happy on morning #2 that she hadn't gone to the trouble of changing the bed the day before? Maybe this sort of thing explains the lack of extra laundry.

I sent in our census form this week! I was inordinately excited about filling it in, I must say. I opened it right up to start filling it in as soon as it came through the letterbox. And even little Gus got to be on it. :)  I had a few difficulties, though. Normally I am quite good at following instructions (if I do say so myself), but I kept missing the if yes, go to question 12 sort of things. I particularly noticed this on the question about our primary language. For Jon and me, I put English as the primary language and answered the next question saying we spoke it "very well". But when I had to answer the question for Gus, I was stumped. Does he speak English very well, or not at all? That's when I realised the second question was only for those for whom English is a second language. It all makes sense, now!

The other part of the census that made me scratch my head was the ethnicity question. Now, I consider my ethnicity to be white. But that isn't an option on the census. You have to choose White British, White Irish, or White other, if you are white. So I choose white other and write in American. Even though I don't think American is an ethnicity. But then for Gus, it gets even more difficult. He is obviously white British, but if I am white American, then he should be as well. Like I said, though, American isn't an ethnicity! So it feels really weird putting that down for him, who is not American the same way I am American. On the other hand, I feel like I am erasing my contribution to his ethnicity if I just put white British. So in the end, he gets white other as well, and I write in British-American. Stupid question. It's all just a social construct anyway. (If we're being really pedantic, I could put Irish and German for my ethnicity, as that is my ancestral heritage, but that seems even more ridiculous than putting American.)

Are you participating in the 84,000 novenas for Pope Benedict's birthday?  What a neat idea!

As I write this, I should be asleep. But the good thing about staying up too late is that I can sit here, in the quiet stillness, and watch my husband and my baby snuggle together as they sleep. How blessed I am!

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  1. I also wrote in white other- American on the census, though I agree, it's not an ethnicity and I felt silly writing in American as my ethnicity. Could we have left it at white?

  2. geoff and I just fired up the grill two days ago! We had chicken and foil packets with garlic potatoes and brocoli! Remember foil packets from girl scouts? Good times.

    I agree with the laundry thing. I just wash his stuff with ours a lot of times. I think a lot a babies go through multiple outfits a day due to accidents but that has rarely been a problem for us.

    I need to join that novena. I Love our holy father and pray he is around for years to come.

  3. Also I love the new look of your blog! Super cute.