Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes (volume 5)

It's Quick Takes time again!  Head over to Conversion Diary for more quick fun!

I have been drooling over wooden toys this week. Do people even own wooden alphabet blocks, Lincoln logs, or hammer and peg toys anymore?  They should, that is for sure.  But the one I want the most looks like this:
wooden stackable rainbow toy
I am in love! Check out Myriad toys for more, if you have an hour and some cash to spare!

I made two purchases for Gus this week to help him as he embarks on his teething journey. A wooden ring rattle for chewing on, from Myriad. I think this will also be great as he continues to develop his reaching and grabbing, which is super sweet.  The other thing I bought was an amber teething necklace.  Apparently the oils from the amber are supposed to be absorbed through the skin and help with the pain of teething.  I have no idea if it will make a difference or not, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Plus, he looks really cute wearing the necklace :)

Speaking of teething, I am hoping we were premature in our attribution of his symptoms to that. He is still super drooly and bites his and my hands all the time, but hasn't been as fussy in the I have no idea what you want sort of way in the past few days. I will gladly and thankfully take this reprieve.

Jon and I have just started watching The Tudors.  We started on series four, but are hoping to find the beginning at Blockbuster at the weekend. We both really like Tudor history. But I was thinking while watching the show that there are a lot of children's stories about Henry VIII, but either they leave a lot out or modern tellings embellish a bit, because there is a lot of sex in this show.  We have to cover Gus's eyes at those parts.

Our stroller finally arrived this week!  We got the Quinny Zapp Xtra. Gus and I took it out for a test run yesterday. He cried, loudly, when I put him into it, but then looked pretty happy once we left the house. He slept most of the way, so it couldn't have been too bad! Everyone seemed to be concerned that I needed a stroller because he is getting so heavy, but I am not really sure how I felt about it yesterday. I definitely still like carrying him and will probably continue to do so a lot of the time. It was nice not to have to carry home my groceries, though!

Now that I am a ravenous breastfeeding monster, I am always looking for easy healthy snacks. As such, I just had ants on a log. It was really yummy. Why haven't I eaten this in such a long time? Definitely in the rotation.

Will somebody please send the washing up fairy over to my house?  I haven't been very good about keeping the kitchen tidy this week.  But the house is still fairly put together, so I'll take what I can.  Domestic goddess I am not.


  1. 1. I love wooden toys, but it seems like they're so much more expensive than the cheap plastic junk!

    4. I love that you cover his eyes :) And I thought that series did look interesting, but it did look oversexualized.

    5. Looks stylish!

  2. I love the rainbow toy, and I own the whole Tudor series. If you lived closer you could borrow them. I'm in it for the costumes :)