Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Love

It's Valentine's Day!

OK, to be honest, this is not really a day that fills me with excitement. I do like doing something special for my love once in a while, and this is as good an excuse as any. But I don't really go in for busy restaurants and overpriced roses. And Jon and I hardly get each other gifts at Christmas, so I certainly don't expect anything on February 14.

However, I do have a pretty amazing husband, and I thought I should take the opportunity to express that. I decided, rather than buy a Hallmark card, I would make a little something from Gus to his daddy. And...

It's surprisingly difficult to cut straight lines while holding an infant.

voila! An I love my daddy paper chain (patent pending). This was a super easy "craft" that, I hope, can grow with Gus. I didn't actually have any craft supplies in the house and was too lazy to go out and buy some, so this year, I just typed up 8 phrases that all start with "I love my Pa when / because".  Then I thought of things that Gus and Jon do together to finish the phrase.  Cut the strips out and tape them together, and you've got your craft!  I hope that I can save this, and next year we can add onto it.  As Gus grows, he will be able to have more input into the phrases and decorations (can't wait till the year of glitter!). I'll write the year on each strip, and we can look back at it as a little snapshot of what Gus was doing with Daddy over the years. Love, craft, decoration, and memories all rolled into one easy package--how can you go wrong?

Hope you have (had) a fantastic Valentine's Day, full of love and chocolate!

PS.  Jon loved it!  

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